Villa Nurbs

Initial Project: painting laminated between curved glass

2005-2012 "Villa Nurbs"

A collaboration with Spanish architect Enric Ruiz-Geli: The very concept of an unconventional house in a conventional  setting, near Barcelona in Spain,  addresses boundaries. “Villa Nurbs” breaks not only with formal tradition but also with material and structural norms. The artist Vicky Colombet worked on the monumental centerpiece for high-tech “Villa Nurbs”. The mural is inspired by an aerial view of the real topography of canals, ocean and sky surrounding the house, which is conceived as a linear landscape, folded on the site in an ascending spiral. The project evolved from a painting laminated between curved glass of 150 feet x 12 feet that surrounds the swimming pool in the middle of the house and opens to the sky through a sandblasted glass. The sandblasted glass “Water Cycles” illustrates Vicky Colombet’s Minimalist approach to landscape and the influence of Land Art, in regards to the use of natural materials and techniques. 

 Vicky Colombet looking at her work at the end of the day   ©Joan Freeman & Caliban Productions

Vicky Colombet worked at every step of the process from creating the drawing, cutting the vinyl mask, to directing a team of three sandblasters and also doing most of the sandblasting herself, on site until completion.