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Residency at the Shillim Foundation, India

  • Shillim Foundation Pawana Nagar Taluka MavalIndia, Maharashtra 410406 India (map)

The works the Shillim Foundation promotes are experimental interactions between people, media, and landscapes.  These projects will feed into a discussion about the future of conservation.  The first pilot works will take place at Shillim Retreat - the physical Shillim, in the Western Ghats.


Denzel de Souza, Co-Founder / Margie Ruddick, Co-Founder & Co-DIrector / Martine Brody, Co-Director / Leeanne Alonso, Conservation Director / Karen de Souza, Director of the Shillim Institute


The initial pilot projects will be conducted by the painter, Vicky Colombet, the dancers Constantin Baecher and Kaitlyn Gilliland, and the composer Erin Gee, working with sound engineer, Joel Gordon, and the architect/landscape designer photographer Linda Pollak.  

Each artist will explore the landscape by crafting a new relationship between natural forces—earth, sound, climate, water—and artistic forms.

Future works will take their cues from these pilot works, and will occur at different places around the world, wherever they can develop organically.  They will either be ephemeral works, or they will plant the seeds for the development of structures to conserve the landscapes that they tap into.  They may bring to light landscapes that have no known stewards, or they may just re-present treasured landscapes that are so familiar people can't see them anymore.