Light, light. The visible reminder of invisible light
— T.S. Eliot


2011 The “Fibonacci” Table

2011 The “Fibonacci” Table: Etched glass tondo with bronze base. Photo © Eileen Travell.

"Fibonacci" table.  Photo © Eileen Travell

Diameter: 42 inches, ¾ inch thick glass. The bronze legs 18 inches high and a bronze ring of 42 inches diameter.Inspired from the mathematician Fibonacci (13thCentury) who created the ellipse mathematic formula (Gold ratio). This mathematic sequence applies to nature and landscape and relates to this design concept.

Each leg is numbered following the Fibonacci sequence I  I  II  III



"Water and Dreams"

Etched glass gold leaf mirror tondo. 
iameter: 24 inches, 3/4 inch thick glass.

The reflected world is the conquest of calm.
— Gaston Bachelard