on paper

Drawings, landscapes, maps, topographies, aerial views, "The Riches Heures du Duc de Berry", "Book of Hours".  Using Japanese papers, vellum, mylar. Pen, charcoal and pigment, Indian Ink, Chinese Ink.



Dialogues  2007-2015

 A dialogue between an ink drawing and an oil & pigment on vellum, creating a landscape that could be real. A mapping of the brain revealing Colombet's conceptual relationship with image-making.



Charcoal and Pigment on Vellum and
ink on paper. Dimension framed: 22 x 29 inches


Water Cycles


Drawing for the Monumental Glass Project for the "Villa Nurbs"  150 x 12 feet 

2010 "Water Cycles" Ink drawing on Paper 

2010 "Water Cycles" Ink drawing on Paper 




The "Brumes" drawings  are inspired by the Japanese poetic form of haiku. Juxtaposition of two related images.



Double Drawings
Indian ink on tracing paper

Dimension: 14 x 17 inches