Vicky Colombet, American--French born, visual artist.

Solo Exhibitions    

2018 “Paintings from 2007 to 2018 The Elkon Gallery, New York, NY | “Two French Women in New York” Baudoin Lebon, Seoul, South Korea
"Time Travel" Master Drawings Leonard Hutton Galleries, New York, NY   
2015   "Plis et Paysage" Dutko Gallery, Paris, France (View Catalogue)  
2014   "Earth" Christian Duvernois Landscape/Gallery, New York, NY (View Catalogue) 
  Dutko Gallery, Paris, France  Bleu Acier, Tampa, FL  
2008  “Vantage Points”  Evo Gallery, Santa Fe,NM  
  “Difference and Repetition” Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York, NY Fidel Balaguer Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2006   Evo Gallery, Santa Fe, NM  
2004   Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York, NY (View Catalogue)  Evo Gallery, Santa Fe, NM  
   Meserve-Coale Gallery, Greenwich, CT  
  Evo Gallery, Santa Fe,NM  
2000  Zographia Gallery, Bordeaux, France  
   J. Guhl Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland  
  Chateau de Servieres, Marseille, France  
  Alain Margaron Gallery, Paris, France  
1994   De la Gare Gallery, Bonnieux, France  
 BuschGallery, Berlin, Germany  J.Guhl Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland  
  Busch Gallery, Berlin, Germany  J. Guhl Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland  
  Rolf Wah Gallery, Paris, FranceCorinne Timsit Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico  
  Pavillon Ledoyen, Paris, France  Corinne Timsit Gallery, Paris, France  
  A.O Gallery, Antibes, France Corinne Timsit Gallery, Paris, France  
  Mossa Gallery/Museum of Nice, Nice, France  
  Corinne Timsit Gallery, Paris, France   
1985   Excentric Gallery, Liege, Belgium

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2019 “Contemporary Artists of the Gallery: The 60's to the Present” The Elkon Gallery, New York, NY
"SMALL FORMAT"The Elkon Gallery, New York, NY | “Formats Intimes, Dutko Gallery, Paris
2016 "Art Miami" Art Fair, Leonard Hutton Galleries, NY  ⎜ "Measured Life" MFA / Museum of Fine Arts at St Petersburg, FL Art On Paper art fair, Christian Duvernois Landscape Gallery, NYBrafa Art Fair, Dutko Gallery, Bruxelles  
  "Drawn to Perfection" Bernard Jacobson Gallery, New York, NY ⎜ "Art + Design Art Fair Park Avenue Armory, Dutko Gallery, New York, NY ⎜  "Navigating Abstraction" Christian Duvernois Landscape/Gallery, New York, NY
2014  “Distilled” Bernard Jacobson Gallery, NewYork, NY “Sempre Natura”  Christian  Duvernois Landscape Gallery, New York   "Infiniment Art" Jean Jacques Dutko Gallery, Paris, France 
 “Coherent Surface, Radiant Light” Bernard Jacobson Gallery,  New York,  NY  “Of White”  Nuartlink, Westport, CT  
2011  “Design is Design is not Design” Gwangju Design Biennale Curated by Chinese artist Ai WeiWei and Korean architect Seung H-Sang.   Korea “Cumulus Momentum” project, La Cité Radieuse/Le Corbusier, Marseille, France  
 WAAM Museum, Woodstock, NY  
  Art Paris, Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York, NY  Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York, NYJean Jacques Dutko Gallery, Paris, France  
2007  Water & Dreams, Galerie Kamchatka, Paris, France (catalogue)   Evo Gallery, Santa Fe, NM  Art Paris, Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York, NY     ChicagoArt Fair, Bleu Acier, Tampa, FL  
2006  St Petersburg Museum, Florida   “Black andWhite Abstractions”   Haim Chanin Fine  Arts, New York, NY  “Drawing on the Wrong Side of the Brain”  Curated by Lyle Rexer, Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York, NY  ⎜ARCO,  Haim Chanin Fine Arts & Artecite,  SpainArt  Paris, Haim Chanin Fine Arts &     Artecite,  Paris, FranceGirona Contemporary Art Fair, Fidel  Balaguer Gallery     & Artecite, Spain Toronto Contemporary Art Fair, CarolinDimnik Contemporary,  Canada “Entre Chien et Loup”  Bleu Acier, Tampa, FL“Bridge” Miami Art     Fair, Bleu Acier, Tampa, FL (catalogue)     EFA Open Studios, New York, NY  
2005   Parrish Art Museum,  Southampton, NY  Contemporary Art Fair New York, Evo Gallery, NM  Istanbul Art Fair, Artecite, Turkey    EFA Open Studios, New York, NY   
2004   “Wind”, Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York, NY (catalogue)    San Francisco Art Fair, Evo Gallery  Chicago Art fair, Evo Gallery     Art Paris Art Fair, Haim Chanin Fine Arts/Artecite,  France 
  Chicago Art Fair, Evo Gallery San Francisco Art Fair, Evo Gallery“Works on Paper”, Evo Gallery, Santa FeArt Santa Fe, Evo Gallery, Santa Fe,  NM  
  Evo Gallery, Santa Fe, NM   Matarasso Gallery, Nice, France Affordable  Art Fair New York, Evo Gallery  
2001  Original Gallery, Nice, France  
2000   Nicholas Davies Gallery,  New York, NY  
  Nicholas Davies Gallery, New York, NY  Astarte Gallery, Madrid, Spain 
  Chateau de Servieres, Marseille,  France  
1997  SAGA, Climats Gallery, Paris, France  Verena Hoffer Gallery, Barcelona, Spain⎜  De la Gare Gallery, Bonnieux, France  Carre d’Art Saint Anne, Montpellier, France  
1996   J. Guhl Gallery, Montreux,  Switzerland Alain Margaron Gallery, Paris,  France 
  Rene Metras Gallery, Barcelona,  Spain  
1992  Miami Art Fair, Corinne Timsit Gallery, Miami, FL Kladno Museum,  Prague, Czech Republic  
1988  Art Junction, A.O Gallery, Nice, France  
   Im Prediger Museum, Schwäbisch-Gmund, Germany


2011-2014  “The Glass Wall” Documentary by Joan Freeman, Caliban Productions, Santa Monica, CA  
2012 TVE “Continuara” Barcelona, Spain.    
2007 TVE “Continuara” Barcelona, Spain.  
2004 CUNY TV & PBS“Canapé”, New York, NY     
2001 Esec, Cinema School of Paris: “Ce qui permet le regard”, France.     
1993  Art Video: Berlin Direction, Germany.    
1992 TV 5 Paris, France.


2014  The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
2011-2015  Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Program, New York
2004-2011  Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Program, New York
2001  Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Prize
2000  DRAC, Languedoc et Roussillon, France

Collaborative Projects

2013-2015  “a-r-o-s-e” Collaborative Project with the Landscape architect Lily Jencks, for a large Public glass sculpture/garden, in Paris (Rubis Mécénat Cultural Fund) 
2013 The Smithsonian: Invitation to participate in a design competition for a 21st century landmark for the interior of the spectacular Grand Salon of the Renwick Gallery, Washington, DC
2012 “Forbidden City” Collaborative Project with Christian Duvernois Gardens, Glass Tondo etched for a Chinese Garden in New York City
2005-2012 “Villa Nurbs” Collaborative Project with the architect Enric Ruiz-Geli. Monumental Etched Glass, Barcelona, Spain
2011 “Cumulus Momentum” project, collaboration with the artist Lucile Bertrand at La Cité Radieuse/Le Corbusier, Marseille, France.

Colombet has shown internationally in galleries and museums. Her work is in major private and public collections in Europe and the United States. 





































2018 "SMALL FORMAT" at Elkon Gallery, New York